The world’s largest energy storage facility has been built in the USA

Największy magazyn energii na świecie powstał w USA‼

The power system of California is now supported by a huge battery energy storage facility, the capacity of which is higher than that of the previously world’s biggest battery energy storage facility, which was put into use in 2017 in Australia.

Recently, an even bigger energy storage facility has been built in California, to the south from San Diego, near the Mexican border.

The contractor summarises benefits of such investments in its notice on the project completion:

Getting charged during the production of energy from photovoltaics or from the grid during off-peak hours and releasing energy to the grid during the peak demand, our batteries improve the reliability of the power supply system, reduce costs for end users, and help to achieve the objectives of our State in terms of climate #effectivemanager

PG&E estimates that over 20 years of its functioning this energy storage will generate savings of at least USD 100 million.


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Krzysztof Kozielski

Krzysztof Kozielski


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