„Green Deal” Congress

kongres zielony lad

Due to COVID-19, the Green Deal has become more crucial. It is a long-planned strategy for 30 years which is to protect our planet, but also to create jobs and to push us on the path to development. COVID-19 does not put aside our responsibility for the future of Earth; instead, COVID-19 emphasises it even more.

A quote from yesterday – Jerzy Buzek at EEC

Yesterday at the Congress, the Green Deal was mentioned by all the speakers. For all of us it means that green energy – the truly green energy – is our future.

We all realise that coal has been slowly fading into oblivion, but the same refers to gas!

And what awaits us? The EU relies on ‘green’ hydrogen, solar / wind energy – this is the fundamental message of the first day of the Congress in Katowice, and our country and its residents have a chance to benefit from these changes – new technologies also stand for new jobs.

The so-called winning trio has been mentioned here many times:
– photovoltaic panels
– heat pumps
– electric cars
I am sure that soon enough other ‘green’ inventions will join this trio.


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Krzysztof Kozielski

Krzysztof Kozielski


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