European Green Deal

Europejski Zielony Ład

The European Green Deal is also an important plan for Katowice and the entire region. It is crucial that it is a just transformation, so that the region is not left behind.

A quote from yesterday – Frans Timmermans.

I agree with the comments that appeared yesterday under my post – the green deal should not apply to Europe only, but to the entire world, including China, America, and Africa!


The green deal is also all of us: you, me – let’s start to think consciously: where the energy we consume comes from, how it was generated, how much and what our means of transport emit, where the energy used for the production of food we purchase comes from.

We will not change the world this coming weekend or in the next 5 years, but let’s start from small steps, and this is what I would like to encourage you to do. Let’s take the opportunity we have at hand.


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Krzysztof Kozielski

Krzysztof Kozielski


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